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Summer - Route 66  Sold!
2006 - Indoor - 2' X 4' 
Medium:  Tile, Stained Glass, Steel Piping, Authentic Heritage Car Parts, Collector's Corvette Emblem, Leather, Collage.
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Antique automobilia, authentic collectors Corvette emblem, found objects, steel line, chrome, copper, windows, stain and vitreous glass, glass gems and squiggles, safety glass, material, leather, embroidery thread,  collage, paint, ephemeras, text, glitter, confetti. 

 Inspiration:  This piece started with a Corvette emblem, developed into a 1950 Corvette, driven by a woman cruising Route 66.  Picture the sun shining, her hair flying in the wind, tunes cranked, the feeling of empowerment, perhaps taking a “different road in life”!  My art has many layers and depth, leading to hidden discoveries and inspirational messages when you stand back and look beyond the surface glass.



- Original and Customized Contemporary Mosaic Art Catered to Your Theme, Needs and Messages
Wall Hangings, Mirrors, Votives, Clocks, Sculptures, Signage
Utilizing Ceramic Tiles, Stained Glass, Recycled Materials, Metal Piping, Found Objects, Family Treasures and More!
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