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2007  People's Choice Award - Victoria's Look! Art Show

Peacock - Last Dance Before Sunset   Available for Purchase!
2005 - Indoor - 4' X 4'
Medium:  Tile, Glass Beading, Brass Piping, Peacock Tail Feathers
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The inspiration for this proud bird was sparked from observing our own peacocks that have resided on our farm for the last four years.  These spectacularly plumaged birds are fascinating to watch, learning about their courtship and sexual dance performed for the female, and the different calls and their meanings (sorry neighbors!).  As my family studied these birds it became clear we had to figure out a way to capture the luminescent brilliance of their feathers. If you change the view angle and lighting, they change colors, almost like a hologram.  By adding the feathers under glass, it added so much depth, flow and realism to the overall piece.  These birds are so pompous and adorned, so the more jewels sparkle and glitz the better!

It is said that finding a peacock feather brings good luck, harmony, serenity, piece of mind, relaxation and protection.  During the summer months when the males start dropping feathers, our farm becomes a treasure hunt for any children who come over for a visit.  They are so delighted to bring home a prized feather!




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