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The Kat in the Hats - New Orleans Mardi Gras - 
Dr. James Conway - Commission - 2005

2007 - Indoor - 1.5' X 4.5'

Medium:  Stained and vitreous glass, glass gems, mirror, tile, buttons, Mardi Gras beads, found objects, confetti, sheet music, ephemeras, photos and glitter.

Inspiration:  The “Kat in the Hats” was created for my aunt as a surprise for my uncle.  This particular art piece started with my uncle’s wonderful collection of hats, his lively sense of humor and place of residence; New Orleans .  His wife provided me with authentic Mardi gras beads, photos of his hats (also thanks to my Mom for allowing me to dig through her photo albums!), artistic freedom to create this piece as I saw fit. This was quite easy because I know my Uncle; his incredible sense of humor, zest for life and philosophy that laughter really is the best medicine (appropriate because he is also a Doctor!).  Living in the French Quarters of New Orleans they are surrounded with music, great food and wine and the magic of the Mardi gras celebrations.

I wanted to express the stimulating, magical feeling of these festivities by adding the musical notes, confetti and color variations swirling up the collections of hats on his head.  I love the original pictures of hats, funny facial expressions, and ephemeras relating to laughter, humor and its ability to heal.

I feel this art shows my uncle’s lively personality, humor, magical surroundings, along with adding vibrant colors and wonderful light reflections, which will add sparkle to your room.

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