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(Written by my Mom)

Jennifer's early training came from her grandmother who taught art at the Layton School of the Arts and Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her need to create was very clear from early on and is part of her heart and soul. There are many ways in which she expresses her creativity, her garden that acts as a canvas in which she incorporates color, texture, and inclusion of senses, humor and magic.

Music is another love of hers, where she expresses her creativity with the power of voice, or an instrument. Art is reflected in her cooking where she combines color, texture, taste, and wonderful presentations.

"The voyage of discovery 
is not in seeking new landscapes but in 

having new

~ Marcel Prous


Her interests are in many mediums in the art world including playing with watercolors, oil, pastels and acrylics. Many pieces have included mailboxes, signage, automotive memorabilia, handsaws, shovels, you name it!

But her true love is mosaic compositions, presenting masterpieces with symmetry and color. Her artwork reflects and highlights the beauty in the world around us.

She now resides with her husband and two children on a magical farm/homestead in Metchosin, British Columbia, Canada.

*Just a note- this biography was compiled by my dear mother, who took the time to show me how beautiful early morning dewdrops are on a spider's web. I would also like to give a big hug to my brother, who also contributed wisdom and designed my site and online gallery.

Our Magical Farm and Studio

"Awareness of synchronicity instills compassion for all living things because it helps us to see that each one is an important piece in the growing mosaic of Creation, which is an unfinished artwork that would be diminished by the loss of a single fragment."
~ Shirley MacLaine 2007

And of course to my loving family and friends, who's computer savvy, words of encouragement, hard working kids (Mariah who has become my junior apprentice, and my son Halen who has taken over as website manager) and my husband (Kevin who has become easel maker extraordinaire and all around handyman); You all have enabled me to fulfill a dream - to raise a loving, considerate family and create art that fills me up inside.

Special thanks to my brother Rob for the website design!

You all played a role.

I sincerely thank you!

Jennifer Kivari



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Wall Hangings, Mirrors, Votives, Clocks, Sculptures, Signage
Utilizing Ceramic Tiles, Stained Glass, Recycled Materials, Metal Piping, Found Objects, Family Treasures and More!
All artistic and mosaic images in this site are by Jennifer Kivari, 2007

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