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 My vision is that my art will inspire, expand perspectives, and perhaps remind us of the spirit and truth that we already know. By creating mosaic subjects rich with feeling, memories, humor, and meaningful messages, woven in three dimensional layers, results in a powerful medium full of clarity, depth and messages that will capture the attention of viewers and tell a story. 

If you are interested in a commissioned mosaic piece that weaves your own or a loved one's photos, mementos and memories, click the "arrange a commission" link at the side of any page on this site for more information.  For examples of pieces I have been commissioned to create for others, click on the "commissions" button at the top of any page.  I can collect from you your written messages, vignettes of personal stories, memories, photos, mementos or found objects, and weave your chosen theme,  inspiration and life experiences together in layers, resulting in a mosaic rich in feeling and and meaning to that person's own life.  

Closeup of womb from "Tree of Life" custom mosiac....

Closeup of messages in "My Wish for the World"...

I whole-heartedly believe we all have a purpose on this earth, something of value and significance we can share with others.  We are led through our lifetime by our inner learning self, the playful spiritual being that is our real identity. I want to share a part of myself and my ability and give back to the world; one art piece at a time…



- Original and Customized Contemporary Mosaic Art Catered to Your Theme, Needs and Messages
Wall Hangings, Mirrors, Votives, Clocks, Sculptures, Signage
Utilizing Ceramic Tiles, Stained Glass, Recycled Materials, Metal Piping, Found Objects, Family Treasures and More!
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