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This unique style of mosaics always takes me through a wonderful journey of creative process, and love to share this journey with clients through a personal designed commission.  I welcome your involvement in perhaps the design, color palette or even emotions or feeling you want to convey.  I encourage the customer to add any mementos, photographs, and sentimental trinkets that can be woven into the life story the mosaic conveys.  Exchanging ideas, designs materials and quotes can be handled in person, by phone or by email.  Click on the contact us tile on the left side of each page on this site.

Please email or call me for current time estimates for project consultation, commencement to completion and shipping for the art piece.

At this point I can do three different types of commissions, Personal Life Journey, Signage (interior or exterior) or Replication of existing pieces you see in the online gallery.   See more on these below:

Personal Life Journey Mosaic:

Example of Custom Mosiac - Life Journey - New Orleans Mardi Gras Theme

As mentioned above, a "Personal Life Journey Mosaic" incorporates clients' personal mementos, photos, and keepsakes to create a story or profile representing the person's life and memories.  I then weave these materials into a mosaic within a theme we agree upon.  For example, I was honored to be asked recently to create a personalized mosaic with a " Tree of Life" theme for my girlfriend who supplied me with the most incredible snippets of her life; photos of her family, meaningful events, expressions and words used in her family in three different languages,  places she lived, kids birth certificates (photocopied of course!) and so on.  The piece of art captures her being, her soul and is a very powerful daily reminder of what makes life precious.  It was a joy to create!  

The possibilities are endless; its amazing what people start collecting and put aside for a mosaic piece.  When they start using their imaginations and open their eyes wide to remember important events, feelings or experiences in their lives along with personal objects, the end result is a very visual representation of who they are. I work with the client using phone, email or in-person contact if possible.   We start with a brain-storming session to get a clear idea of the theme for the piece, and then the gathering and soul searching begins!  I always keep the client updated on progress and look forward to their reactions on completion.  Click on the "commissions" tile at the top of any page to see other examples of customized personal mosaics previously created for individuals.


Custom signs, can be created for your gallery, store or home, to your specifications.  Click on the "signage" tile at the top of any page to see other examples of customized personal mosaic signs commissioned by the artist.  Signs can be created for interior or exterior use.

Replication of Existing Pieces:

At your request, I can replicate any mosaic you see on this site already sold or held in my private collection. Keep in mind that as I incorporate found objects into my mosaics, we would discuss and agree upon materials I have in my inventory or have available for purchase that would be similar to materials depicted in the original piece.


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Jennifer Creating Custom Exterior Sign For Automotive Business


Customized mosaic pieces are never started (and no money outlaid) until the design, costs, delivery timeframes and methods are agreed upon. Pricing for commissions will vary due to size, materials and complexity of each piece.  After consultation regarding size, design layout and materials, I will have a better idea of the pricing and will communicate back to you promptly. For commissions to proceed, I normally ask 50% in advance and 50% on completion.  When you wish to make a payment, I will accept money orders, funds wiring or certified cheques.  

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Click on the "commissions" tile at the top of any page to view examples of Jennifer's custom work for clients.  Sample of Custom Mosaic - 'Tree of Life' Theme



- Original and Customized Contemporary Mosaic Art Catered to Your Theme, Needs and Messages
Wall Hangings, Mirrors, Votives, Clocks, Sculptures, Signage
Utilizing Ceramic Tiles, Stained Glass, Recycled Materials, Metal Piping, Found Objects, Family Treasures and More!
All artistic and mosaic images in this site are by Jennifer Kivari, 2007

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